Our Faculty Courses Taught In English

Semester Code Course Name ECTS
1st TUR 1011 Computer Applications 6
1st YDI 1011 Foreign Language I (English) 6
2nd TUR 1010 Organizational Behaviour 5
2nd YDI 1010 Foreign Language II (English) 6
3rd TUR 2009 Organizational Communıcatıon 3
4th TUR 2008 Front Office Management 5
4th TUR 2010 Tourism Marketing 5
5th TUR 3009 Front Office and Housekeeping Automation Systems 3
6th TUR 3004 Menu And Banquet Planning 5
6th TUR 3010 International Cuisines and Service Techniques 5
7th TUR 4007 Sanitation and Hygiene 4
7th TUR 4011 Bar Management and Beverage Technology 5
8th TUR 4002 Customer Relationship Management In Tourism 5
8th TUR 4010 Total Quality Management 5


Please check the course catalog at :

We can also help students to choose some other courses at our schedule with homework, term work or project preparation to fulfill a total of 30 ECTS per semester if required.

Also we can search and advise some courses from other faculties’ schedules. Please contact our Erasmus Commission Members İlkay Taş Gürsoy, PhD  and Nil Sonuç, PhD for organization of Learning Agreement.

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